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Title Status Posting number Posting end date
N-2021-0578 Enlarged Role Nurse Permanent Full Time N-2021-0578 February 1, 2021
N-2021-0601 Nurse Counsellor Permanent Full Time N-2021-0601 February 1, 2021
S-2021-0754- Community Worker- Youth Protection Permanent Full Time S-2021-0754 February 1, 2021
S-2021-0634- Administrative Officer Class 2 Permanent Full Time S-2021-0634 February 1, 2021
P-2021-0633A Human Relations officer (1553) Permanent Full Time P-2021-0633A January 29, 2021
N-2021-0544 Enlarged Role Nurse Permanent Full Time N-2021-0544 January 29, 2021
S-2021-0295 Guard Permanent Full Time S-2021-0295 January 29, 2021
P-2021-0688 Human Relations Officer Permanent Full Time P-2021-0688 January 29, 2021
P-ADD-2021-0525 Personnel Officer (1101) Temporary Full Time P-ADD-2021-0525 January 21, 2021
S-2021-774-0775 Transport Attendant for Physically Handicapped Beneficiaries (6418) Permanent Full Time S-2021-0774 - 0775 January 28, 2021

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