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Bush Camp Safety

Being out on the land is a good place to be. But even in the bush, we can still be at risk of getting sick. To reduce our chances of getting sick, everyone is encouraged to follow guidelines and some basic preventive measures.


George Diamond

Walking our traditional ways

“Our grandfathers and our ancestors before them practiced hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering of our traditional foods without any alcohol and drugs; this practice must continue.

It is our sign of respect to our lands, rivers, air, sky and food sources, which made us survive in Eeyou Istchee.

It is our ultimate responsibility and respect to all things in it and our thanksgiving to our Mother Earth. She is the breath that gives all life in the world” – George L. Diamond, Healthy & Safe Communities / Injury Prevention

Continue to use care and proper hygiene when handling and preparing our harvests.

Avian flu (also known as H5N1) is a flu virus that mostly affects wild birds and poultry, and can lead to illness and death. 


Emergency evacuation by air ambulance is for anyone who needs urgent care outside their community or needs emergency retrieval from the bush. 

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