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ᐋᐦ ᐱᐹᒥᐱᔨᔨᓐ ᑭᔮᐦ ᒫᒃ ᐋᐦ ᐱᒥᐦᔮᔨᓐ

Travelling by plane

In partnership with Air Creebec, the CBHSSJB runs daily medical charter services. The Northern Operations Centre (NOC) unit in Wiichihiituwin will book your charter flight. Sometimes clients also travel on regular Air Creebec commercial flights. 


Baggage weight restrictions

Due to an increase in passengers and cargo travelling onboard CBHSSJB charter flights, we can only allow 44 lbs. of luggage per passenger to travel on the same day. 

All other excess baggage will be carried only if space is available; otherwise, it will be carried on another flight.

Please note that this luggage restriction also applies to children 2 years and older.

Flying to your appointment

5 days before:
Give your CMC the name of your caregiver. They must accompany you on travel, otherwise you won’t be allowed on the plane. 

2 days before: 
Confirm your appointment and travel arrangements (flight number and departure time) with the clinic. A member of the Wichihiituwin staff may also contact you to confirm your travel plans.

Day of your flight

View live flight status

  • You and your caregiver will each need one valid photo ID or 2 valid pieces of ID without photo. 
  • At the airport, everyone must wear a mask and respect physical distancing, remaining 2 metres (6 feet) away from others.
  • You will have your temperature checked and will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your health and recent activities. 
  • There is a nurse on every charter flight. If you are feeling sick before your flight, please tell the charter nurse before boarding. Make sure you have your medication in your carry-on luggage, and not packed in your checked bagged. 
  • Clients and caregivers who show up at the airport visibly intoxicated may not be allowed on the plane.

Flying home

  1. Confirm flight time with Wiichihiituwin receptionist. Find out when the Wiichihiituwin driver will pick you up at the transport pick-up spot. You are responsible for waking up on time. 
  2. Check your warrant. Patients travelling by CBHSSJB Charter from Montreal depart from the Air Creebec charter terminal at 9325 Avenue Ryan, Dorval.

Charter flight (Flight 2xx)
From Montreal, depart from Air Creebec charter terminal, 9325 ave. Ryan, Dorval. 
Check in at Air Creebec charter terminal at least 1 hour before flight time. 
A light meal will be served on the charter.
Healthy drinks options include a selection of juices, milk, coffee, teas, water, and V8/tomato juice.

Regular flight (Flight 9xx)
From Montreal, depart Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport (domestic departures). 
Check in at the Air Creebec counter at least 90 minutes before flight time. 
For Val d’Or, Chibougamau and Chisasibi: Check-in is at Air Creebec counters for both charter and regular flights.
Follow @CreeHealth on Facebook to get updates if charter flights are cancelled, delayed, or diverted. 


As soon as your appointment has been scheduled, let your CMC/clinic know if you are driving, so we won’t book or cancel your plane ticket. Fees (paid by CBHSSJB) apply when cancelling flights, so try to confirm your choice of transport before we book your ticket. 

Please bring valid ID (RAMQ card with photo, or RAMQ card without photo and another ID without photo) in case you return to community by plane (charter or commercial flight).

Pick up your travel warrant from the CMC before you leave your community. Before driving back, pick it up from Wiichihiituwin. 

Wiichihiituwin covers lodging, meals and transportation for you and your authorized caregiver (Parking expenses are not covered.) Wiichihiituwin does not cover hotel expenses if you stay overnight while driving. If you choose to stay in private lodging, call Wiichihiituwin dispatch to arrange local services (lodging, local transport). 

Keep gas receipts as proof of car travel. For travel to Montreal: fax receipts to the main Wiichihiituwin office.

For travel to Val d’Or/Chibougamau/Chisasibi: give to Wiichihiituwin office. 

Fill out the travel claim form at Wiichihiituwin before you return home or at your CMC after you return. 

Travel to Montreal

Send your form c/o the Wichihiituwin Administrative Officer (2nd floor, Espresso Hotel) or give it to a staff member (6th floor, 1055 René Levesque Est).

Travel to Val d’Or or Chibougamau

Send to Wichihiituwin.

Rates for car travel

30 cents/km and 5 cents/km for each authorized passenger up to a maximum of 3 (maximum of 45 cents/km). 

Get reimbursed

Forms to receive reimbursement for medical travel after travelling with Wiichihiituwin (CPS)

Phone numbers

Christine Sharl


Administrative Officer

Handles travel claims for clients who travel for medical appointments. Available 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

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