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Frequently Asked Questions

My Medical Appointment

Does Wiichihiituwin set up my medical appointment outside my community?

Yes. Wiichihiituwin staff work with your local CMC liaison officer to arrange your medical appointment. 

Do I have a role to play in arranging my medical appointment?

Yes. You have an important role to play. Your responsibilities are listed here

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

Please call your local CMC at least 48 hours in advance and give the reason for cancelling. If you are outside your community, you still need to let your local CMC know. They will contact the Wiichihiituwin Liaison Nurse linked to your community.

What if my appointment is cancelled by the hospital or clinic?

You will be notified.

What if I cancel my appointment without a valid reason?

After two non-valid cancellations, you will lose your order of priority for the medical appointment and will have to restart the process of rescheduling your appointment.

My Travel

Does Wiichihiituwin arrange travel for me and my escort?

Yes. Wiichihittuwin staff arrange your transport to and from your home community, and to and from your medical appointment.

More info: Travelling

What should I pack?

A packing list is here.

Travelling with a baby or young child 

What kind of ID do I need?

You need to carry a valid Health Insurance Card with you at all times | How to get a valid Health Insurance card 
If you are travelling by plane, you and your escort each need either one valid photo ID or 2 valid ID without a photo.

My Lodging and Meals

Does Wiichihiituwin take care of my lodging and meals?

Yes. Wiichihiituwin staff will take care of your lodging, and will ensure your food needs are met. More info about lodging and meals 

Are there forms for me to fill out to get reimbursed if I choose private lodging and restaurant meals?

Yes. The process of getting reimbursed depends on where you stayed. More info about getting reimbursed

My Prescriptions

How do I get my prescriptions filled?

This page describes the process

What services are not covered by Wiichihiituwin?

Private medical services (not covered by RAMQ); Wiichihiituwin only covers services referred by CBHSSJB medical professionals.

  • Private hospital room.
  • Parking fees.
  • Hotel expenses if you stay overnight while driving.
  • Hotel movie rentals, long-distance calls, minibar expenses and intentional damage to the hotel room.

If you don't have your RAMQ (Health Insurance Card) with you or if your card has expired, you must pay for the services you receive and then apply to the Régie to get the money back. The Cree Health Board will not reimburse you.

Please note that for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic the Cree Health Board has imposed new health and safety measures for medical travel. These measures are subject to change. Please visit our COVID-19 page for the latest updates.

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