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Lodging and meals

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Wiichihiituwin provides lodging and local transportation to and from your appointment. 

Wiichihiituwin must have your contact number for any possible changes to your appointment, for transportation and for financial issues. 


Let your local CMC know before arrival if you are staying in a private home or another hotel—some benefits might not be available.

Private home: $30/day

Your host fills out a lodging claim form that you submit to Wiichihiituwin.

Other hotel: $30/day

You must fill out a lodging claim form and submit it to Wiichihiituwin. 


Boarding homes (Val d’Or) 

Boarding homes provide breakfast, lunch and supper + snacks, and a lunch bag for traveling home by bus or taxi. 


Before you eat at a restaurant, call Wiichihiituwin to make sure the meal is an authorized expense. Save your receipt for reimbursement.

Daily Meal Allowance

Adults and Children older than 5 years
Breakfast: $10, lunch: $14, supper: $20

Children 3 months to 5 years
Breakfast: $8, lunch: $10, supper: $15

Children younger than 3 months
No allowance.

Hotel Espresso 

At Hotel Espresso, meals are provided; meal tickets are issued at the reception—if not available, call the Wiichihiituwin office. There is also a community kitchen on the SS level (basement) where you can cook. 

Claim Forms


Forms can be picked up and submitted to Wiichihiituwin offices (6th floor, 1055 René Levesque Est or 2nd floor, Espresso Hotel).

Val d’Or, Chibougamau and Chisasibi

Wiichihiituwin receptionist. After form is filled out, reimbursement can take up to 8 weeks. 

Please note that for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic the Cree Health Board has imposed new health and safety measures for medical travel. These measures are subject to change. Please visit our COVID-19 page  for the latest updates.

Remember to bring your proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Phone numbers

Christine Sharl



Administrative Officer

Handles travel claims for clients who travel for medical appointments. Available 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

Louis-Vincent Parent



Client Relations Officer
  • listens to concerns and helps the clients to find answers to their questions
  • alerts management to areas that could be improved
  • if necessary, connects the client with the office of the Commissioner of Quality of Services and Complaints

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