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Mental Health

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Juliana Snowboy describes Maanuuhiikuu program and services (2018 interview on JBCCS)
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Why look for mental health support?

Because emotions are like storms. They are a part of normal life ...and they pass.

Our trained counsellors are there to listen and to help you weather your life’s storms.

Are you in crisis?

Wiichihiiwaauwin (Mental Health) Helpline

Service available 24/7. Cree speakers and Elders are available upon request 

Our services


Maanuuhiikuu offers culturally safe mental health services that follow two healing paths: a traditional approach and a cli

The Psychiatry program provides counselling and prescribes and monitors medications for people living with a mental illness.  

Child psychiatry focuses on the mental health of children and youth.

The social worker, human relations officer and community worker conduct psychosocial assessments, interventions and follow-ups with clients.

Psycho-educational services assist people who are struggling with behavioural adjustment problems in various aspects of their lives.

How to access Maanuuhiikuu services


Go to the Hospital, where you can receive care and services 24/7. 

Other communities - weekdays

Go to the walk-in clinic at the CMC in your community. The nurse in Current Services will meet with you and will guide you to the most appropriate service. 

Other communities - after hours, or on weekends

Call your CMC, and a nurse will discuss with you the best way to get you the support you need. There are mental health nurses in several communities, as well as psychologists, community workers, and other team members who are there to support you.  


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Health tips

COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many customs and practices in Cree culture, including grieving & mourning loved ones who have passed.

ᒥᓯᐙ ᓈᑭᑎᐙᔨᒦᓲᒄ

It is important to look after yourself. Self-care is part of staying balanced and healthy, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

An overdose means a person has too much of a substance in their body.

Depression is an extreme sadness/despair that lasts for weeks, months even years. It is profound pain that cannot be seen physically.

Grief is a natural process and can be very painful to work through, and can often come in waves triggered by memories.

Youth anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues.  We’ve all experienced some level of anxiety at one point or another in our

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Wiichihiiwaauwin (Mental Health) Helpline

Service available 24/7. Cree speakers and Elders are available upon request 

Meet the team that provides community members with free and confidential clinical and traditional options to choose from on their paths to wel

An elder’s grandchild was very sick and was on the brink of death. This elder decided to give his grandchild a name. The elder named his grandchild “Maanuuhiikuu.” Not long after the child recovered from his/her illness. This child lived to old age. — ELDERS ROBBIE MATTHEW, EARL & NANCY DANYLUK, ROBBIE & ELIZABETH DICK

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