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National Native Alcohol & Drug Addiction Program (NNADAP)

What is it?

The National Native Alcohol & Drug Addiction Program (NNADAP) worker develops and runs prevention, intervention and aftercare services and activities that aim to reduce or prevent alcohol and drug addiction in Eeyou Istchee.The NNADAP worker helps individuals and families that may be struggling with substance use by establishing and running education, awareness and prevention initiatives. The NNADAP worker also collaborates with regional and local partners to reduce substance abuse and dependencies, and thereby contribute to the well-being of Cree individuals, families, and communities. 

Who is it for?

Prevention activities are aimed primarily at youth but are also appropriate for the general population; intervention and aftercare activities are for anyone with an alcohol or drug abuse problem.NNADAP workerscan help a person that may be struggling with addictionsin a range of ways. They can providesupport for individuals inthe community or can helpthem find a detox or a treatment centre. 

Where is it offered?

The NNADAP services are offered through your local CMC but the NNADAP worker may host activities that take place at facilities throughout the community.

What is it like?

The NNADAP workers offer a range of prevention, intervention and aftercare activities that are suited for the individual.  

Prevention activities include public awareness campaigns, developing content for schools on alcohol and drug abuse, and participate in school programs and at cultural events. The NNADAP worker often assists the community with workshops and events that support the wellbeing of the individual and the community. 

Intervention activities may include recreation activities for youth, discussion groups, and appropriate spiritual and cultural programs. 

Aftercare activities include crisis intervention, counselling services, sharing circles and support groups, support visits and referrals to other services, including detox and medical treatments, social services, and band services. 

How long does it last?

Individual activities are determined on a case by case basis with your local NNADAP worker.   Your participation in NNADAP activities lasts a long as you may need their services and support.   

How can I get this service?

Contact your local CMC to speak with your community’s NNADAP worker or with your doctor or nurse to access NNADAP services. 

Where can I learn more?

Contact your local CMC to learn more about NNADAP services and activities in your community. 

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