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Food safety at camp

Closeup of man cutting cooked goose in baking pan

Tips when gathering and preparing wild game

  • Do not use lead shot or bullets

  • Cut 4 inches around the bullet wound channel

  • Wild animals must have their bellies gutted and/or plucked as soon as possible

  • Gut the animal with a clean knife

  • Disinfect your tools with rubbing alcohol (70%), an open flame, boiling water, food-grade sanitizer or a bleach and water solution

  • Rinse with clean water and air dry

  • Do not wipe knives on your clothes

  • Do not reuse dirty rags

  • Knives should be cleaned between each animal in case one animal is sick

  • Cook food thoroughly

Birds can carry diseases

Did you know?

Do not eat birds that show signs of:

  • Abnormal inflammation (red swelling)
  • Pus at mouth, eyes, ears, bill, anus, and/or
  • Internal organs that have an unusual appearance (like white dots, strange coloring, or an abnormal size)

Having access to fresh water is really important.

Boil your drinking water for one minute.

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Avian flu (also known as H5N1) is a flu virus that mostly affects wild birds and poultry, and can lead to illness and death. 

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