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Tips to keep camp clean

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Reggie Tomatuk discusses the importance of having a clean camp.
Keep It Clean posters

Keep it clean!

  • Take time to thoroughly clean before settling in and leaving their camp
  • Frequently clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces (such as sinks or washbasins, tables, door handles) and cooking utensils
  • Prepare a disinfectant using 1 part of bleach and 9 parts of water

Did you know?

  • Disinfectant works best when it’s made fresh every day

Disinfect the outhouse

  • Make sure that the outhouse is clean and disinfected at all times
  • Clean the seat often. Having a garbage bin nearby is important
  • Baking soda helps reduce the smell
  • When not using the outhouse, keep the seat down to keep the critters away
  • Make sure that your hand-washing bowl or hand sanitizer is close by so you can clean your hands after using the outhouse
Washing hands with soap and water

Wash your hands often

  • Always have clean water available for your hand-washing bowl

  • Be sure to change the water and disinfect the bowl regularly

  • You can also use a blue pail-type water jug to wash your hands, but disinfect the tap and handle with bleach solution after each use

  • Dry your hands with a paper towel or a towel used only by you

  • Hand sanitizer is a good alternative if you don't have water, but it doesn't work on dirty hands

  • The most effective way to clean hands is using soap and warm water

  • Always keep a garbage bin nearby

For best cleaning results, make a fresh bleach and water solution every day.

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