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What is it?

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Telehealth uses telecommunications technologies, including two-way video and email, to deliver medical services over a distance. People in Eeyou Istchee have limited access to medical specialists and are often sent to a hospital in Val d'Or, Chibougamau or Montreal for these services.

Telehealth reduces the need for people to travel outside Eeyou Istchee for diagnosis and treatment, and for medical specialists to travel to Eeyou Istchee to meet patients. 


What services are included?

With the tele-pacemaker program, you can have follow-up meetings to ensure your implanted cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator is working properly.

The tele-surgery service provides virtual, online consultations prior to general surgery.

The CBHSSJB also offers the following telehealth services: 

  • Tele-Ophthalmology 
  • Tele-Obstetrics 
  • Tele-Psychiatry 
  • Tele screening for diabetic retinopathy
  • Tele internal medicine
  • TeleGARE
  • Wound and Ostomy
  • Telenephrology
  • Telepediatrics
  • Teleconsultation in Child Psychiatry
  • Teleallergy for children (pilot)


Where is it offered?

Tele-ophthalmology and tele-psychiatry are offered through CMCs in all nine communities; tele-obstetrics is based at the Chisasibi Hospital. 


How can I get telehealth services?

Contact your local CMC regarding telehealth services.  

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