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Honouring Medical Laboratory Technicians – A Key Part of our Team


April 14-20,  2024 marks the National Medical Laboratory Technologists Week. The medical laboratory technologists work behind the scenes, but their attention to detail, technical expertise, and commitment to quality make them indispensable members of our healthcare team, and the Cree Board of Health is proud to recognize their outstanding contributions. 


They work diligently to perform a wide range of tests and samples, which are integral to the diagnostic process. These meticulous tasks are essential in helping physicians detect diseases, monitor treatment progress, and in guiding medical decisions to ensure the safety of our clients. 


We would also like to express our deepfelt appreciation to the Assistant Technologists (Tech B), who are the people behind the Covid, Influenza and RSV testing and were indispensable during the pandemic as well as during recent outbreaks.   

Please join us in showing our appreciation to the CBHSSJB’s medical laboratory teams in Mistissini and Chisasibi. 

Chisasibi Team
Laura-Maude Bergeron TM, Aurelie Bastien TM, Tommy Lafreniere TM, Jesse-James Scipio Tech B, Ann-Frédérick Julien TM, Marie Jacinthe Plouffe TM, Laura-Lee Sam Tech B
Mistissini Team
from left to right: Mohamed Abas Oualy TM, Sylvie Héroux TM, Christian Forget TM

As we reflect on the importance of laboratory technologists in healthcare, it is our privilege to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate their hard work and dedication. The National Week of Medical Laboratory Technologists is a time to honour these professionals and show appreciation for the critical role they play in the medical field and in helping patients achieve Miyupimaatisiiun. 

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