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The Cree Board of Health and Social Services would like to recognize and celebrate our medical laboratory technologists in Chisasibi and Mistissini during the week of April 10 - 16, 2022. Their tireless efforts have helped keep Eeeyouch and Eenouch safe by detecting illnesses, uncovering clues to help physicians determine a diagnosis, and providing an essential service in our fight against COVID-19.  

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    Lab technician examines a lab sample
    Aurélie Bastien, TM
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    Lab technician holds a test tube
    Valérie Cloutier, TM
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    Lab technician poses for photograph
    Mohammed Abas Oualy, TM
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    Laboratory technologists in Chisasibi
    L-R: Charlie Lynch (TM), Marie Jacinthe Plouffe (TM), Mélissa Guy (TM), Philippe Lubino, Carole Dagenais, Ida Pedro (B. Sc.), Joyvin Dias (Tech B), Éloïse Dubuc-Margeau (TM). Missing: Aurélie Bastien, Marie-Josée Langlois, Nathalie Laflamme

What do lab technologists do?

Medical laboratory technologists  study and examine samples (from our blood, saliva, etc.) that provide clues about a person’s health. They work in different specialties, including:  

  • microbiology (like detecting strep throat infections) 
  • biochemistry (like determining glucose dosage in diabetes, detecting heart attacks, etc.) 
  • hematology (like testing to detect anemia) 
  • blood bank (testing and preparing blood for safe transfusions) 
  • virology (testing for COVID-19 or other viruses) 

Medical laboratory teams are often invisible to our clients, but they are essential to ensure the well-being of our communities.  

The team processed nearly 310,000 tests during 2020 and 2021, which demonstrates their incredible work. We would like to thank the entire team for their dedication and commitment. 

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, the laboratory team continues to have a key role in determining if a client is positive or negative for COVID-19. COVID-19 screening tests help us all by giving a clearer picture of if and how the virus is spreading in the community.  

The most recent Omicron outbreak was especially demanding. The team adjusted quickly and worked additional hours to process the increase in COVID-19 PCR tests in the region. 

Ida Pedro

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize the importance of these lab heroes and heroines, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to help diagnose, treat, and prevent disease. 

The technicians and technical assistants of our laboratories deserve all of our gratitude for all the time, effort, and hard work they have done, are doing, and will continue to do for the well-being and health of our communities. For all of this we say: THANK YOU. 

Through their effort and teamwork, they have been able to face the different waves [of COVID-19], demonstrating team values and self-sacrifice, no matter the challenge. 

The laboratory teams have always been able to count on the unfailing support of the Assistant Head of Laboratory Services, their managers, and our medical specialists. 

Once again, THANK YOU!” - Ida Pedro, Coordinator of Clinical Services 

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