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Wiichihiituwin (CPS) puts in place new rules on June 12 to improve food services for clients in Montreal


Wiichihiituwin’s clients (patients and caregivers) will benefit from improved food services at the ADC restaurant at Expresso Hotel, starting June 12, 2022.

Ham sandwich, salad, and potatoes on a plate

Short-term clients (stay is 21 days or less)

All short-term clients staying at Espresso Hotel are invited to eat at the ADC restaurant. Clients who choose to eat at another location will no longer be reimbursed.

Options for long-term clients (stay is more than 21 days)

Long-term patients can choose one of two options:

  1. Receive the weekly meal allowance rates provided as per the Policy on financial support to long-term clients
  2. Eat meals at the ADC restaurant at Espresso Hotel

Long-term clients staying at Espresso will be contacted by the Wiichihiituwin team this week to confirm their choice.  

Please note:

  • Clients who choose to receive the weekly meal allowance will be fully responsible for the cost of meals eaten at the ADC restaurant.

  • Long-term patients staying at Espresso Hotel who wish to change their meal plan, must notify the Wiichihiituwin Administrative Technician. A change of choice for a long-term client can only be made twice a month according to the long-term patient support payment schedule.  
Smoked meat sandwich, salad and potatoes on a plate

"We are proud to announce that the important investments made in the development of the ADC restaurant at Espresso Hotel since last summer have been a success. Indeed, the very favorable surveys allow us to realize how far we have come since last summer and to note that our clients are very satisfied.  This accomplishment allows us to complete our services (transportation, lodging and catering) and to ensure the quality that you have the right to expect.   

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience, your participation in surveys and understanding. Indeed, you have undergone multiple changes of caterer and inconveniences, even though it was necessary to achieve the current goal." – Helen B. Shecapio-Blacksmith, Wiichihiituwin Director

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