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Uskâu ihtûwin (New Ways) in Waswanipi

ᐅᔅᑳᐤ ᐃᐦᑑᐧᐃᓐ
USKÂU IHTÛWIN (New Ways) logo

Uskâu ihtûwin (New Ways) is an experimental project offering a range of tailored support services focusing on prevention and promotion of Eenou ihtûwin to increase holistic wellness amongst youth.

What is it?

Uskâu ihtûwin is an open space and entry point to a continuum of services for Uschinîchisûch covering gaps in services. The program is based on collaboration and community partnership.

Who is it for?

This program is for Uschinîchisûch in the community of Waswanipi. It is made for youth and young adults (8 - 35 years old), by youth.  

It may be rolled out in other communities in the future.

Where is it offered?

Uskâu ihtûwin is available at the Waswanipi Youth Center. The team also outreaches everywhere in the community to connect with youth. Uskâu ihtûwin experiments with different partnerships and activities to broaden the scope of opportunities for youth and to help them figure out their passions and interests.  

What is it like?

Uskâu ihtûwin offers a safe space for youth to access: 

  • Links to professional mental and physical health services 

  • Referrals to CMC and other community partners 

  • Prevention and support through youth coaching 

  • Coping with anxiety 

  • Stress management 

  • Emotional regulation strategies  

  • Self-esteem boosting  

  • Self-improvement and goal setting 

  • Conflict resolution strategies 

  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle 

  • Healthy relationships 

  • Peer support 

  • New activities and opportunities for youth 

  • Workshops and trainings for youth and people working with youth 

  • Bullying prevention activities  

  • Cultural and traditional activities 

  • Fitness activities 

  • Field trips 

  • Sexual health information and awareness 

In pictures

  • Image
    Office space
    Uskâu ihtûwin office space
  • Image
    Office space
    Uskâu ihtûwin office space
  • Image
    Storage room
    Uskâu ihtûwin storage space with games
  • Image
    Chair and couch
    Uskâu ihtûwin hang-out space
  • Image
    Pool table
    Pool table at Uskâu ihtûwin
  • Image
    Boxes containing games
    Board games available to play at Uskâu ihtûwin
  • Image
    Computers available at Uskâu ihtûwin
  • Image
    Lounge at Uskâu ihtûwin

When is it offered?

Uskâu ihtûwin is open during Waswanipi Youth Center hours.

How can I get this service?

Stop by the Waswanipi Youth Center during open hours to visit the Uskâu ihtûwin space and staff.  

Where can I learn more?

Follow the Waswanipi Youth Center Facebook page for more information.


Meet the Team

Eddie Happyjack Jr.

Happyjack Jr.

Eenou Youth Life Coach
Uskâu ihtûwin (New Ways)

Eddie enjoys hunting, fishing, traveling, canoeing, riding his skidoo, staying out on the land and spending time with his family.


Healthy Eenou Youth Worker

Isaac Shecapio

Healthy Eenou Youth Worker
Gregory Brass


PPRO ACCESS – Open Minds project
Maanuuhiikuu (Mental Health)

Traditional Counselling


Our Partners

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