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Lisa Petagumskum appointed AED Nishiiyuu


The Nishiiyuu Miyupimaatisiiun Department is pleased to welcome Lisa Petagumskum as the new AED Nishiiyuu.  


Lise has extensive experience in various fields, including management positions. Her experience includes health and social management, environmental lobbying. She was also the local representative for Whapmagoostui Youth for five years and the political representative for the Cree Nation Youth Council. 

Lise has demonstrated a strong knowledge and understanding of contemporary First Nations issues, including health, social and youth issues and holistic approaches. She has proven experience in developing community action plans and forecasting, monitoring and managing budgets. 

Lise joined the CHBSSJB in 2019 as an optimization auditor. She quickly rose through the ranks to become the Interim AED Nishiiyuu Miyupimaatisiiun. 

Lise took up her position on July 1, 2023.

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