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Dialysis Unit renovation underway at Chisasibi Regional Hospital


Renovation work has begun in the first phase of a project to modernize and improve the Chisasibi Regional Hospital’s hemodialysis unit. This work will increase the quality of care provided to our hemodialysis clients, who will benefit from improvements planned for the treatment unit.  


Renovations include replacing the outdated water system in the hemodialysis unit, which is crucial for the health of CBHSSJB’s clients.   

The bio-medical and Infection Prevention and Control teams in Chisasibi are rigorously monitoring renovation work underway to ensure the safety of all hospital employees and clients, and are providing regular updates on the project.  

The renovation project is being executed in two phases.


Phase 1

During the first phase, launched in early August, the hemodialysis unit and next-door locker room will be emptied and disinfected, and the walls will be redone. The new water system will be installed in the locker room next to the unit, after it is emptied and sanitized.  

This first phase will last about two weeks. Once the renovations are complete, quality tests will be done to ensure a safe return to operation.  

Clients currently in Montreal should be able to return to Chisasibi around August 22.   

In September, work will be done in the former locker room to prepare plumbing and electricity installations.


Phase 2

The second phase of the project is scheduled for November 2023, when a specialized health care company will install a new water system for the hemodialysis unit.  

During the second phase of work, hemodialysis clients will be transferred to Montreal for 2 - 4 weeks.  

The Cree Board of Health and Social Services acknowledges the inconveniences this renovation work is causing our clients and their families. CBHSSJB’s team has worked to find the best options that ensure well-being and safety for our clients, while moving ahead with much-needed improvements at the Chisasibi unit.

All our hemodialysis clients receiving treatment in Chisasibi have been informed about these renovation plans and will receive updates frequently through the process. 

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