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The CBHSSJB, Sureté du Québec and Centre régional de santé et services sociaux de la Baie-James formalize ÉMIPIC partnership


The CBHSSJB, Sûreté du Québec and Centre regional de santé et services sociaux de la Baie-James officialised formally launched the ÉMIPIC project aimed at improving access to services for vulnerable clients in the Chibougamau-Chapais area. The multidisciplinary team will also ensure better continuity of services for Crees living off-community and safer pathways to services.


The ÉMIPIC team consists of three patrol officers from the SQ and two psychosocial workers from the CRSSS de la Baie-James and a liaison officer from the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay to join the team soon.

The partnership will enable the region to respond appropriately to the specific needs of vulnerable clienteles living with housing insecurity in Chibougamau, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, and to offer culturally-adapted services, through the joint pooling of their respective skills. It also aims to reduce the number of court cases involving the clienteles it serves by de-escalating crisis situations and by providing adequate resources to those in need.

The project will bring resources like a new shelter that will serve as a new point of services.

“The escalating rate and fast-changing profile of homelessness in the town in Chibougamau require us to tackle the situation and collaborate with other groups of interest on this file. Through the EMIPIC project and our future employees assigned to this file, we hope to start addressing homelessness in Chibougamau in a human way, through safe and culturally-appropriate services, and to breaks stigmas around the issue.” – Daniel St-Amour

“Crees making up 99% of individuals living in homelessness in Chibougamau tells us a lot about the systemic challenges our community members are facing both inside and outside of their communities. Therefore, the crisis management must be a shared responsibility between all health and social services providers, community and government agencies, and authorities.” – Bertie Wapachee

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