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About the flu shot

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The flu vaccine (flu shot) is your best protection against the flu

The flu shot can save lives by protecting you if you are exposed to the virus, preventing you from getting sick with the virus, and protecting people close to you because you are less likely to spread the virus.

The flu shot is safe and effective

Most people do not have any reaction to the flu shot though some minor soreness, redness or swelling of the skin at the injection site is possible. Children aged 2 to 17 may receive vaccination in the form of a nasal spray.

You cannot get flu from the flu shot. Since the vaccine is given in late fall and through winter, sometimes people happen to get a cold right around the same time they get their shot, and they make the mistake of thinking it is because of the shot when it is just a coincidence.

Severe reactions to the vaccine are extremely rare.

The flu virus mutates every year so it is important to get a new flu shot every year. Experts develop new vaccines to protect us each flu season.

If you do get the flu, the flu shot may reduce the severity of your symptoms and any related health complications.

You need to get vaccinated every year

Even if you are young and healthy, it is important to get vaccinated against the flu so you can help protect others around you who may be considered vulnerable. Healthcare workers and people who in contact with vulnerable people, like family members, should get vaccinated to help protect them.


ᐋᐦ ᒌᔥᑎᐦᐧᐋᑭᓂᐧᐃᑦ ᐊᐧᐋᓐ ᐋᑳ ᒑ ᒌᐦ ᑳᐦᒋᔥᑎᓂᐦᒃ ᑳ ᐱᐹᒫᔥᑎᓂᔨᒡ ᐋᐦᑯᓱᐧᐃᓂᔨᐤ

This year in 2021, more than ever, getting your flu shot is important to prevent more illness and stress on the healthcare system during the continued COVID-19 pandemic

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