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The Financial Resources Department provides quality financial management support to the planning, management and delivery of first-class health services in order to attain optimum return for the Cree population.

Administration and Budget

  • Plan, operate and monitor a budget based on the SRP, in collaboration with all the managers
  • Work closely with the internal auditor and external auditor to improve our processes and controls 


  • Identify the CNIHB needs of the population and provide a communication strategy in regards to the delivery of services.
  • Ensure implementation of CNIHB policies and procedures 

Accounts Payable 

  • Responsible for the invoice entry and payment to the suppliers
  • Makes sure the payments are processed on time


  • Responsible for processing and verifying the payroll 
  • Responsible for T4 and salary deduction report 


  • Processes orders received throughout the organization 
  • Implements and control the purchasing policy and policy no 5 regarding the delegation of authority 
  • Provides training on the Virtuo system

Our Partners

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