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Council of Nurses

The Council of Nurses is a formal advisory body established by the institution's Board of Directors. It is an integral part of the organisational structure of the CBHSSJB. 


All of the CBHSSJB’s practicing nurses belong to the Council of Nurses, whether or not they hold a position, and including those who assume managerial functions related to dispensing nursing services. 

Mandate of the Council of Nurses

The Council's objective is to recognize and promote the contribution nurses make to improve both the client’s health and the health care system, and, ultimately, to ensure that nursing care is based on a global dynamic for evaluating the needs and providing health care delivery to the population served by the CBHSSJB. 

The Council's recommendations address services planning, complementarity, and organization, within the existing context of available human and financial resources. For the Council, that implies conducting a comprehensive and collective assessment of nursing skills, and offering input on the best way to measure and maintain this level of competence. 

As regards to the Board of Directors, the Council is responsible for: 

  • Assessing, generally, the quality of the nursing acts performed in the CBHSSJB and, where applicable, in cooperation with the Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists (CPDP), the quality of the activities referred to in the Nurses Act (chapter I-8) that are carried out in the centre; 
  • Making recommendations on the rules of nursing care applicable to its members in any centre run by the institution; 
  • Making recommendations on the rules governing medical care and the rules governing the use of medicines applicable to its members in any centre run by the institution; 
  • Making recommendations on to the proper distribution of care dispensed by its members in any centre run by the institution; 
  • Assuming any other function entrusted to it by the Board of Directors. 

In addition, the Council is responsible for advising the Executive Director on the following matters: 

  • The scientific and technical organization of any centre run by the institution; 
  • The means to be used to assess and maintain the professional standards of nurses; 
  • Any other question brought to its attention by the Executive Director. 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is elected by the membership.  

Alexandre Bui Giroux, Mistissini
President and Representative of Chisasibi Hospital (term expires February 17, 2021)

Edith Bobbish, Waskaganish
Vice-President and Representative for Coastal Communities (term expires February 17, 2022)

Angélique Laberge, Montreal
Secretary and Representative of Regional Services (term expires February 17, 2021)

Rachel Danyluk, Wemindji
Communications Liaison, Treasurer and Cree Representative (term expires February 2022)

Vacant seat for Representative for Inland Communities

The Executive meets at least four times a year.


Currently, there are three official subcommittees of the Executive. 

  • Committee for the assessment of the implementation of the midwifery program in the Cree territory 
  • Committee for the assessment of regional and local needs in geriatric/end of life care 
  • Committee for the assessment of regional and local needs in mental health care. 

The Executive may also convene ad hoc committees to study specific issues. 

General Assembly

The Council of Nurses holds an Annual General Assembly. All members in good standing are invited to attend the General Assembly, which is convened by the Executive Committee. 

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