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Waapimaausun Traditional Knowledge Teachings

What is it?

Waapimaausuwin develops, coordinates and delivers support for pregnancy and childbirth the Nishiiyuu Way, based on traditional Cree teachings. It delivers these programs in all communities in collaboration with Community Health Representatives and other partners.  

Waapimaausuwin teachings are based on interviews held with Elders in all communities, whose knowledge led to the development of the Waapimaausuwin birthing manual. The Nishiiyuu Miiwat program, in which a gift bag is made for and presented to a mother and her new baby, was also developed as a result of these teachings.

Who is it for?

Waapimaausuwin Teachings are for anyone interested in learning from our Elders about birthing.

Where is it offered?

Waapimaausuwin Traditional Knowledge Teachings are available through your local CMC. 

How does it work?

The program brings together pregnant mothers and fathers with Elders (female and male) who will share traditional knowledge throughout pregnancy and after birth. Their teachings will give you an increased awareness of Cree traditional knowledge, and will help you to use this knowledge yourself. 

This program is helping to restore traditional birthing knowledge and practices in Eeyou Istchee and to strengthen family bonding. 

The Nishiiyuu Miiwat “gift bag” program, part of the Waapimaausuwin Teachings, involves the creation of a gift bag for a new mother and her baby.  

The Nishiyuu Miiwat contains all the items a baby uses when he/she is first dressed after birth. Each community works with its Waapimaausuwin team to decide what should be put in the gift bag, which is then presented to the mother and her baby at her home. 

How long does it last?

Waapimaausuwin Teachings will always be there for our future generations.  

As for the Nishiiyuu Miiwat, this gift bag is presented only once to the mother, with her first baby. For her next baby, she can receive teachings with an Elder so that she can make the items for her baby herself. 

How can I get Waapimaausuwin Teachings? 

To inquire about receiving Waapimaausuwin Teachings, contact the Nishiiyuu Department or Awash CHR in your community’s CMC. 

Where can I learn more?

For more information, contact your local CMC. 

To learn more about Waapimaausuwin Teachings and programs, contact the Nishiiyuu Department or the Waapimaausuwin CHR at your local CMC. 

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