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Dental and Oral Health Program

What is it?

The Dental and Oral Health Program organizes and carries out activities and initiatives to prevent tooth decay and to support oral health. 

Who is it for?

This program is primarily for  

  • parents of young children and parents-to-be  
  • children attending daycares 
  • children attending schools 

Where is it offered?

Many of the Dental and Oral Health Program’s activities are organized in collaboration with schools and daycares; some take place in these schools and daycares, while others are held at other sites in the community or through local media. 

What is it like?

The Dental and Oral Health Program offers many prevention activities, including 

  • A sealant program for schoolchildren, which gives them a resin coating sealant on their back teeth (their permanent molars) to help prevent decay. The dental sealants are applied at the school during class time by the dental hygienist. 
  • Preventive check-ups and fluoride varnish application offered at the school by the dental hygienist. 
  • Individual counseling provided in the Maternal and Child Health Program, which is offered through the local CMC. 
  • Sessions promoting oral hygiene (tooth-brushing and flossing) held in schools and daycares 
  • Public education initiatives to promote oral health and dental care. 

The Dental and Oral Health Program also collaborates with other Cree Health Board programs to provide education and advice on dental care and oral health. 

How can I get this service?

This service is provided to all children in schools and daycares, and to families through the Maternal and Child Health Program and the  Mâshkûpimâsît Awash Program. 

Where can I learn more?

You can get more information about the program from your local CMC. 

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