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Cree Foster Care Resources Program

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Linda Iserhoff, Inland Foster Care Team Leader, explains how to apply to be a foster care family

What is it?

Cree Foster Care Resources Program is designed to provide a safe and secure home environment for all in need of a foster home, for example; children, adults, special needs and mental health clients.

  • Finding a suitable and safe home for all types of foster care
  • Direction and support to Foster Families
  • Liaison between service providers and foster parents
  • Placement meetings
  • Follow-up with clients who are placed out of community
  • Training program for foster parents

Who is it for?

Cree Foster Care Resources is a collaborative approach. It includes foster parents, birth parents and service providers.

As part of this effort, Cree Foster Care Resources Program supports:

  • Youth Protection
  • S-5 placements
  • Special Needs
  • Mental Health
  • Elders
  • Respite
  • Land based foster care
  • Homeless

Where is it offered?

The Cree Foster Care Resources program is based at your local CMC, and the local Foster Home Worker provides services for clients who need a foster home.

What is it like?

Cree Foster Care Resources provides training and support to foster parents in collaboration with Cree Health Board service departments and local entities.

The Cree Foster Care Resources does assessments of new foster homes and matches the clients according to their needs.

How long does it last?

Cree Foster Care Resources provides emergency, temporary, short term, and long-term foster care. It depends on individual needs of each placement.

How can I get this service?

Cree Foster Care Resources Program services are available through your local Foster Home Worker at CMC.


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