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Chisasibi Elders’ Home

What is it?

The Chisasibi Elders’ Home is a 16-bed living environment that offers services adapted to the residents’ needs and interests, where they enjoy high quality of life and quality of care, where they are engaged in activities based on the Cree way of life and where they interact meaningfully with their families and the staff. 

Who is it for?

This Home is for Elders and other individuals with loss of autonomy who will benefit from a living environment where they will receive support or surveillance in caring for themselves and living their lives to the fullest. 

Where is it offered?

This Elders’ Home is based in Chisasibi. Other Elders’ Homes will eventually be opened in some other communities.  

What is it like?

If you or a loved one is in the Chisasibi Elders’ Home, you will receive whatever assistance you need to support you in your daily life. The Home also provides recreational services, nursing, medical and pharmaceutical services, and psychosocial and rehabilitation services. 

How long does it last?

The process for applying for a place in the Chisasibi’s Elders’ Home is coordinated through the social services of your local CMC. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted by the admission committee, you are placed on a waiting list. Once space is available, and if you are next on the waiting list, then you can move in right away. 

Once you have moved into the Chisasibi Elders’ Home, you can live there for as long as the Home has the facilities to support whatever medical or other requirements you may have.  

How can I get this service?

You can request a placement in the Chisasibi Elders’ Home through the social services of your local CMC. 

Where can I learn more?

For more information, contact the social services of your local CMC.  

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