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Pelvic Health Physiotherapist for Chisasibi
  • Graduated in 2018 and worked in Chisasibi full time as a general physio from 2018 to 2022 ​
  • Started developing women and pelvic health physiotherapy services in Chisasibi in 2019 ​
  • Microprogram in pelvic floor rehab at Montreal University completed in 2022
  • Strong believer in equitable access to women’s health care services for all !
  • And a big fan of outdoors sports 😊 

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Office of the Commissioner of Complaints and Quality of Services

Complaints about the services provided in CBHSSJB establishments are handled by the Office of the Commissioner of Complaints and Quality of Services

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Your feedback is very important to us. It will help us improve the quality and effectiveness of our future training sessions.

It's important to deal with your C-section scar after birth. It can help prevent infection, reduce pain, improve healing and minimize scarring.

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