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Updated COVID-19 Preventive Measures

July 15, 2021

New preventive measures for physical distancing and masking with reduced minimum requirements took effect in Quebec on July 12, 2021. The Cree Health Board recommends these measures be adopted in Eeyou Istchee in situations where it's appropriate.



These new measures are due to currently low case numbers in the province, and the fact that some restrictions make certain day-to-day activities a lot more difficult for people. The coronavirus has not changed. It is still spread by droplets from breathing and coughing that often spread 1-2 metres through the air before falling to the ground. But fewer people are now infected with the virus, so there is much less chance of meeting an infected person with each encounter.

If there is a significant 4th wave of infections in the province, it’s possible measures for distancing and masking will once again become more strict.

Businesses, entities and individuals can continue to use greater physical distancing between people, and wear masks even when it’s not required, if they wish to do so.


COVID-19 Preventive Measures effective July 12, 2021


Retail businesses (general stores, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.)

  • COVID-19-related capacity limits not required
  • Minimum 1-metre physical distancing required
  • Wearing a mask is still mandatory


Indoor private gatherings

  • No mask required if 2-metre distancing is maintained
  • Mask required if only maintaining 1-metre distance
  • Maximum of 50 people at indoor gatherings, as per Phase 4 guidelines


Outdoor private gatherings

  • No mask required if minimum of 1-metre distancing is maintained
  • Maximum of 150 people at outdoor gatherings, as per Phase 4 guidelines


Indoor public places (churches, community centres, common space in office buildings, etc.)

  • A mask is still required, and a minimum of 1-metre distance
  • Maximum of 50 people gathered indoors, as per Phase 4 guidelines 


Outdoor public places (sport venues, day camps, etc.)

  • No mask required if minimum of 1-metre distancing is maintained
  • Maximum of 150 people gathered outdoors, as per Phase 4 guidelines


Clinical care settings, daycares, education institutions

  • Continue to follow 2-metre distancing and masking recommendations when possible, while considering the specific service/entity and stable groups of children/students
Minimum physical distancing is now one metre or three feet in most situations


The Covid-19 variants of concern still present a real risk in Quebec, Ontario, and other regions. These variants are expected to be the cause of more infections in coming weeks and months.


The Cree Health Board strongly encourages people to:

  • Get vaccinated with both doses, if they are old enough.
  • Remain cautious while visiting and gathering with people who don’t live with them, and when travelling.
  • Be selective about which encounters and trips are truly important to them.
  • Observe a larger physical distance from people who don’t live with you, and/or wear a mask, when possible.
  • This helps protect Eeyou Istchee’s communities and members who are not vaccinated (adults and children).

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