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This summer, take the 100km walking challenge in Eeyou Istchee

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Cheryl Swallow talks about local participation (in Chisasibi) in the 100 km challenge with Joshua Loon

As part of this year’s Summer Active campaign to promote regular physical activity, a 100KM team walking challenge will run from June 17 to September 3, 2022. 


The 100km Walking Challenge is a fun way for community members to get together and get motivated to increase their physical activity this summer. Participants will form teams of 2 or more people and try to walk 100KM from June 17 and September 3, 2022. 

Man and child walking on trail with lake in background

Physical activity helps promote physical health as well as psychological and spiritual well-being. Walking is a Cree tradition and a good way to make physical activity a part of daily life.  

How to participate in 4 easy steps

  1. Create a team of 2 (yourself and someone else) or more people and sign up with your Chishaayiyuu PCCR. 

  2. Keep track of the kilometers you walk together as a team. We want to encourage you to walk and stay active on your own as well, but only kilometers walked as a team will count towards this challenge.  

  3. Report your team’s walking distance to your Chishaayiyuu PCCR at the end of summer.  

  4. Get your participation prize! Everyone who completes 100km will also receive a T-shirt.  


Did you know?

There are phone apps that you can use to track your distance when walking as a team, or you can choose routes in the community that are commonly used for walking. Another tip is to calculate 1km for every 20 minutes of walking.  

Be Summer Active!

Summer Active activities will be held throughout the summer season in each community. Contact your Chishaayiyuu PCCR at the CMC for more information about local events. 

Wally Rabbitskin

“Active living is about making physical activity part of your everyday life. Whether you are at home, work, or school, I want to encourage you to try to be active at least one hour everyday. If you pair this activity with healthy eating – it is really a winning combination to stay healthy and happy all year long!" – Wally Rabbitskin, Planning, Programming, Research Officer - Physical Activity 

Walking is a Cree tradition – Let’s do it! 

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