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Receive your COVID-19 Test Results by Text


Starting January 6, individuals who take a COVID-19 screening test at the CMC or the Chisasibi Hospital will have access to automatic disclosure of test results by text message.


This service, which is a collaboration between the MSSS and the CBHSSJB, is designed to provide the people of Eeyou Istchee with rapid access to their COVID-19 test results.

How it works

When people go for a test, they will need to provide the healthcare worker with a valid cellphone number where they agree to receive their test result. This can be their own number, or someone they trust (e.g. family member or friend) if they do not have their own cell phone.

When the test result is available, they will receive a text that looks like this:

  • CBHSSJB COVID result: Firstname Lastname (yy/mm/dd) is POSITIVE. Please follow isolation instructions:


  • CBHSSJB COVID result: Firstname and Lastname (yy/mm/dd) is NEGATIVE. Please follow isolation instructions:

Recipients of the text will click the link for specific recommendations for themselves and their close contacts.

If the number provided is not a cellphone able to receive text messages, a healthcare worker will call to provide the test results.

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