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Public Health Advisory: Diesel Tanker Truck Accident, Road 5000 (KM 62) at Wetnagami crossing


Cree Public Health recommends precautionary measures to minimize any potential health impacts from the diesel truck accident on May 10, 2023, on Road 5000 (KM 62) at the Wetnagami Bridge.


The tanker truck load (diesel and other chemicals) may have spread to the surrounding environment, including the Wetetnagami River. As work continues to contain the spill, we recommend the following precautions for people in this area, in effect until further notice.

  • Do not use water from the Wetetnagami River for drinking, cooking, or activities like brushing your teeth.
  • Use alternative water sources. Do not boil water from the river. This will concentrate any contaminants that may be in the water.
  • Avoid direct contact with the affected river water, including swimming, fishing, or any recreational activities near the spill area.

We expect that the health risks from using the river water will not last long term, due to the effect of dilution (watering down). This will be confirmed when we have more information. We are monitoring any potential health impacts, and will share further recommendations as needed.

If people smell any diesel or see any sheen (rainbow colors) in the water, please report it to Bruno Blacksmith at 819-753-7070.

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