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Policy Change: New Deconfinement Management Plan for Eeyou Istchee

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COVID-19 Deconfinement Management Plan

Eeyou Istchee is transitioning from an isolation protocol to a testing protocol for people who travel to and from Areas of Risk. Cree Nation Councils are adopting new local laws that will set mandatory testing and reduced activity requirements for people returning from Areas of Risk. 

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Eeyou Istchee is starting to deconfine slowly and cautiously, and will gradually transition from an isolation protocol to a testing protocol for people who travel from Areas of Risk. This transition process is described in the Cree Nation’s new Deconfinement Management Plan, which is based on Public Health recommendations, and takes effect Friday, February 25. 

This protocol will be mandatory under a new law, and applies to everyone who travels to Eeyou Istchee’s communities.  


Law Respecting Measures to Manage the Spread of COVID-19 through Mandatory Testing

People are required to do mandatory testing and follow reduced activity protocol after travelling from an Area of Risk, under the new local laws in effect. 

Mandatory Testing 

  • Any person who enters a community after having travelled to an Area of Risk will need to test according to Deconfinement Steps 1 to 3. 

Reduced Activity Protocol 

  • People travelling from Areas of Risk may go to work, and go outdoors, but not to indoor public areas like arenas or the grocery store, for a number of days determined in each Step of the Deconfinement Plan. Going to school is subject to Cree School Board protocols.    
  • People must refrain from visiting other homes for a number of days determined in Steps 1 to 3.  


3 Steps of the Deconfinement Management Plan

For each step, mandatory testing is required, and will vary depending on a person’s vaccination status, and if they are returning from an Area of Risk.  

Step 1 – February 25 to March 10 

  • Reduced Activity Protocol for everyone, ranging from 5 to 10 days (this depends on vaccination status). 

Step 2 –  March 11 to March 24

  • Reduced Activity Protocol (7 days) for partially or unvaccinated people).  

Step 3 – March 25 to date to be determined based on Public Health recommendation 

  • Reduced Activity Protocol no longer applicable, regardless of vaccination status. 


What happens to the Mandatory Self-Isolation Laws (MSIL?)

Local Mandatory Self-Isolation Laws (MSIL) are still in effect, but as of February 25, 2022, MSIL only applies to people who do not comply with the new mandatory testing or reduced Activity Protocol in place.  

People travelling to Eeyou Istchee should check with their PSO and local officials for specific testing protocol and requirements in place for the community, and what testing options are available to them. 


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