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Partnership with Cree School Board prepares future Patient Care Attendants 


The CBHSSJB is pleased to recognize the hard work and perseverance of students who recently completed the first stage of their internship as Patient Care Attendants.


The course, run in partnership with the Cree School Board (CSB) Sabtuan Adult Education Services, is divided into two cohorts, in Chisasibi and Waswanipi.   

Training courses with Chisasibi cohort are due to run from February to October 2022 while as the Waswanipi cohort will be on training from February 2022 to January 2023.   

This spring, the Chisasibi group was placed in the Chisasibi Elders’ Home while the Waswanipi cohort completed its internship at the Mistissini Elders’ Home.  

Once they graduate, Patient Care Attendants are invited to apply for positions with the CBHSSJB. For now, they are providing much-need relief as summer replacements.   

Several people were critical to the success of the first stage of the program:   

  • Virginie Lubino, Coordinator of Elders’ home in Chisasibi and her staff;   
  • Virginia Wabano, Regional Proximity Director, Mistissini Miyupimaatisiiun Pole and head of the new Waswanipi Ashuukin Services;  
  • Paul Linton, Chair of Mistissini Elders’ Home Board of Directors and  
  • Peter Joly, Team Leader at Mistissini Elders’ Home.   

And a big thank you to our staff in Human Resources Development (HRD) and our partners at the Cree School Board!  

Patient Care Attendants play a vital role in ensuring the hygiene and the well-being of clients, helping to ensure their comfort, mobility and other general needs.  

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