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Let’s Lift Each Other Up on February 23 - Pink Shirt Day

February 21, 2022

Youth, families and teachers across Eeyou Istchee will wear pink on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 to take a stand against bullying, and express their support and kindness to others.

This year’s theme is: Let’s Lift Each Other Up, Wîchihîtutâu. 

Painting by Eddy Cromarty of a teepee with pink shirt in background

How to show support on February 23

  • Wear pink to stand against bullying in our communities 
  • Post positive messages on social media with the #eeyoueenoupinkshirtday 
  • Report incidences of bullying to a trusted adult, teacher or Youth Outreach Worker at the local high school 
  • Educate yourself on the different types of bullying and ways to help 
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What is Pink Shirt Day? 

  • Pink Shirt Day is celebrated every year around the world.  
  • This day of awareness had its humble beginnings in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2007, after a Grade 9 student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school.  

  • His classmates decided to protest against this behaviour by buying a bunch of pink shirts, and asking fellow students to wear them to school.  

  • This act of bravery has led to millions of people wearing pink on February 23 to take a stand against bullying.  

The Cree Health Board wants to hear from you on this day! 


Heart made out of pieces of pink candy

Social Media Challenge

Copy and paste this helpful message on social media for all to see. Let’s help each other and help put a stop to bullying! 

Share one of the following on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook:

  • Compliment someone (make a video message)
  • A random act of kindness – help an Elder, shovel a driveway, be a friend (take a photo)
  • Send words of hope to someone struggling with bullying

Remember to add the hashtag #eeyoueenoupinkshirtday so we can see your posts! 

Wîchihîtutâu - Let's help each other!

Use this hashtag for your posts: #eeyoueenoupinkshirtday 

Activities in Eeyou Istchee

  • Youth honour Pink Shirt Day each year with local activities.  

  • Youth in Eeyou Istchee have a good idea of what bullying is, because they see it every day.  

  • Bullying hurts our youth, impacts their wellbeing and has long-term negative effects. 

  • Youth and adults can learn how to recognize bullying and take steps to prevent it.  

In Eeyou Istchee, we have experienced serious situations related to bullying, that have led to school closures in some of our communities.  

The Cree School Board is leading efforts to address these situations, including parent assemblies, discussion groups, a school wellness survey, and a pilot project for student absences (Mozaik Parent Portal).  

This year, in raising awareness about bullying, let’s lift each other up by making a positive impact by sharing positive messages with your friends and families not just on February 23, but all year around.    


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