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International Day of Midwifery: Celebrating the hard work of midwives


Today, CBHSSJB celebrates International Day of Midwifery under the theme, "Together Again: From Evidence to Reality".


Today's celebration honours the efforts of midwives and their associations to use critical data such as the State of the World's Midwifery 2021 for meaningful change for our profession and for the women and families we care for.

VIDEO: What is a midwife?

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Midwives are specialists in normal pregnancy, childbirth and babies. They provide a continuum of care, including regular visits, routine tests and blood work, information and emotional support. Care begins early in the pregnancy and lasts up to six weeks after delivery.

Midwives support birth in a setting the person chooses. In Chisasibi, this includes the hospital, the Birthing Home, private homes, and in traditional dwellings. The place of birth is assessed for risk of complications; sometimes birth off-territory is recommended.

Midwives believe pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are normal, natural events. And that everyone possesses within themselves the resources for giving birth and becoming a parent. Midwives support this process with careful monitoring, education and support.

Maude Poulin

Bringing birth back to the territory

“Our midwives and the local team (Birthing Home Coordinator, birth assistants and administrative staff) have worked very hard to bring birth back to the territory.

We are very happy to announce that in February 2023 we reached our 100th birth in Chisasibi." – Maude Poulin, Head of Midwifery Services

Midwifery Services Vision Statement: Eeyou/Eenou’ch midwife for every family

"Our vision is to restore Eeyou/Eenou’ch midwifery from root to branch and there will be an Eeyou/Eenou’ch midwife for every family.

To achieve this vision, our midwives will be clinical and educational leaders whose knowledge will be rooted in local and traditional knowledge, medicines and lands; safe childbirth anywhere in the territory, in any type of home, will be promoted. Our midwives and communities will be interconnected and work together." – Midwifery Vision Gathering, June 2022

Traditional birthing setting

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On December 1, 2021 in Chisasibi, the Cree Health Board Midwifery team held an Open House to celebrate the opening of a temporary Birthing Home in the community. Located across the street from Chisasibi Hospital, it is a comfortable place for women to give birth, surrounded by family and connected with Cree traditions.

Healthy women having a normal pregnancy can choose to be followed by a midwife based in Chisasibi.

The Cree Health Board is developing an education program to train Eeyou/Eenou’ch midwives. We are accepting applications for the Midwife Education


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