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Executive Director Daniel St-Amour awarded Raymond Carignan Award for Excellence


We are proud to announce that CBHSSJB Executive Director, Mr. Daniel St-Amour, has been awarded the Raymond Carignan Award for Excellence for 2021 by the ACSSSS, the Association des cadres supérieurs de la santé et des services sociaux


ACSSSS is an association representing senior managers in health and social services in Quebec. Mr. St-Amour accepted the prize on October 28, 2021, during a colloquium on digital transformation in healthcare, in the presence of Christian Dubé, Minister of Health.

The Board of Directors of the CBHSSJB recently approved the renewal of the contract of Executive Director Daniel St-Amour for a term of four years. Daniel has occupied the position permanently since 2017. He first joined the CBHSSJB as Director of Chisasibi Hospital in 2009.

Bertie Wapachee, Chair of CBHSSJB

"Daniel St-Amour understands the importance of consultation and teamwork when developing initiatives and making decisions. He always strives to ensure that all voices are heard, and all points of view are considered. He has consistently demonstrated dedication and skill in leading his team based on these principles." - Bertie Wapachee, Chairperson of CBHSSJB

Key accomplishments that led to the award include:

  • the creation of a partnership with Air Creebec to offer an air charter service
  • negotiation of a major agreement to expand regional services including birthing homes, Elders’ Homes and land-based healing
  • ensuring a robust response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CBHSSJB is embracing digital transformation by implementing an electronic medical records system and expanding telehealth.

In this acceptance remarks, Daniel St-Amour spoke from a personal perspective about how he defines his role as a non-Indigenous leader of a Cree-governed health and social services organization. He provided words of encouragement to network partners across Quebec to continue their efforts to provide culturally safe care to Indigenous people.

As part of the vision for the next four years, a plan for Indigenous Succession is being put in place. With this plan, starting in year three of his mandate or sooner, Daniel will participate in the training and mentorship of his successor.

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    Daniel St-Amour with CBHSSJB Chairperson Bertie Wapachee
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    Daniel St-Amour
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    Raymond Carignan Award for Excellence for 2021 from ACSSSS, the Association des cadres supérieurs de la santé et des services sociaux

Daniel St-Amour’s focus in the next few years is the implementation of projects funded under the current financial agreement and the negotiation of the next agreement.


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