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Cree Health Board signs collaboration and contribution agreement with Nishiiyuu Council of Elders


This agreement will help to provide access to traditional medicines and land-based healing


The Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay and the Nishiiyuu Council of Elders (NCOE) signed a Collaboration and Contribution Agreement on Wednesday, December 9th, 2020.

When CBHSSJB wrote its 2016-2021 Strategic Regional Plan, it acknowledged and provided a section on Nishiiyuu miinwaachihiihkuusiiwin (traditional healing approaches). A fundamental part of this section is access to traditional medicines and land-based healing.

With the help of the NCOE, our Nishiiyuu Department will be able to implement these programs.

"We value the knowledge, wisdom and experience of our Elders. Our Nishiiyuu Department will consult with the NCOE on matters such as iiyimiichum (nutrition), miyupimaatisiiun (health and well-being) and Nishiiyuu miinwaachihiihkuusiiwin." - Juliana Snowboy, Director of Organisational Quality and Cultural Safety

Juliana Matoush Snowboy

An action plan will be developed collaboratively by the NCOE and the CBHSSJB. This plan will include:

  • Nishiiyuu chischaiihtimuwin (Nishiiyuu traditional knowledge) for miyupimaatisiiun and Nishiiyuu miinwaachihiihkuusiiwin into the delivery and management of specific existing health and social services provided by the CBHSSJB
  • Assistance in developing the cultural programs related to Nishiiyuu miinwaachihiihkuusiiwin
  • Cree terminology related to health and social services, including human anatomy, diseases, mental health, flora and fauna
  • Research initiatives related to Nishiiyuu chischaiihtimuwin, Iyimiichum, and Nishiiyuu miinwaachihiihkuusiiwin including recommendations related to their protection


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