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Containment efforts underway in Wemindji after rabies-infected fox attack


Public Health is working with Wemindji officials to contain the potential spread of rabies in the local dog population. 


Two separate episodes of fox attacks on local dogs were reported in Wemindji in early March. The first episode involved an Arctic fox later confirmed to be infected with rabies. The second episode involved a red fox whose rabies condition is unknown. Several local dogs had close contact with both foxes. 

To knowledge, no people came into contact with the foxes.  

Measures are being taken to protect the dogs involved in these situations, by isolating them at home, vaccinating them against rabies, and monitoring for possible symptoms over the next six months. 

Getting your dog vaccinated is really important

Public Health and Wemindji Animal Care Control ask that all community members vaccinate their puppies (2 months and older) and dogs against rabies as soon as possible. 

People should keep an eye on their dogs for possible rabies symptoms. Any dog that starts to show symptoms should be reported to Wemindji Public Safety and animal control. 

Community reminders

  • Don’t let your dogs roam outside freely and without supervision.  
  • Dispose of garbage securely, keep backyards and streets garbage free. Garbage attracts wild animals. 
  • Keep a distance from any fox or wolves. If you see a sick-looking animal, contact the Public Safety Officer immediately


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Rabies is a contagious and deadly disease.

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