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Chisasibi community gathers to remember Nathalie Paré

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Jeannie Pelletier, Chisasibi Local Director, shares her memories of working with Nathalie Paré.
November 20, 2020

We are deeply saddened by the sudden and unexpected passing of Ms. Nathalie Paré, a Social Worker with the CBHSSJB since February 2019


Nathalie was working in Chisasibi as a member of the Chishaayiyuu team and was in the community at the moment of her passing.

Many of Nathalie’s former clients, colleagues and friends gathered at the Office Building in Chisasibi on Saturday November 14th to show their respect for a woman who gave so much to those around her. People met at the main entrance around 1pm, where they were welcomed by Jeannie Pelletier, Local Director of the CMC. Irene House, a close colleague of Nathalie, said a prayer and then led the group on a walk to Nathalie’s apartment.

Exchanging Memories

The route took those assembled along the path that Nathalie traveled on her daily walk to and from work. During the walk everyone exchanged memories and reflected on their relationships with Nathalie. The group was met at Nathlie’s residence by Jeannie Pelletier, Annie Dumontier, Valerie Sam and others who had driven ahead. Each person was given a balloon before the final ceremony took place. Some of Nathalie’s friends and colleagues wrote messages on little cards that will be send to her family, while others attached those cards to their balloons.

Jeannie Pelletier shared stories about a person who deeply cared about her community, her colleagues and her clients. Nathalie was engaged in community activities and organized garbage pick-up initiatives with Youth and fellow community members. Her colleagues could always count on her support and encouragement in difficult times, and her clients would enjoy tea that Nathalie prepared for them in the waiting room area.

Mourners holding balloons

Patricia Menarick (PPRO Nishiiyuu) concluded the ceremony with her drumming and the entire group released their balloons into the air. It was an emotional conclusion to the hour-long celebration of Nathalie’s life. The newly elected Chairperson, Bertie Wapachee, and the Chief of Chisasibi, Daisy House Lameboy, were also present during the ceremony.


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