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CBHSSJB Measures during Chibougamau Airport Closures

August 5, 2022

The Cree Health Board has a coverage plan to ensure transportation services for our inland population and staff during this 9-week period which starts August 8, 2022.


Renovation work to extend the Chibougamau Airport runway starts August 8 for a period of 9 weeks. The Quebec Ministry of Transport is doing this work in several phases that will require reduced airport services and hours of operation, or temporary closures.  Please see calendar below for details.


What you need to know

  • Wiichihiituwin patients and escorts scheduled to travel south for medical appointments and treatment are being informed of alternative travel options available to them. 
  • The Chibougamau Hospital will continue to receive our inland patients for emergencies, and has a protocol in place for Medevac services.   
  • CMC clinical staff are collaborating with partners in our corridors of emergency services in order to maintain care for our clients. 
  • Emergency landing sites in Ouje-Bougoumou, Mistissini and Waswanipi have been identified and secured as a contingency plan. 
  • Staff scheduled to travel during airport closures have been informed about alternative transportation options. 
  • Specialist services and visits to inland communities will continue during the Chibougamau airport runway renovations. 


CBHSSJB will share updated information with our population during each renovation phase, through our website, social media, and on local radio.


August 8 - 19: Airport open during days only 

August 20 - 21: Regular airport service 

August 22: Airport open during day only

August 23 - 25: Airport open with reduced runway

August 26: Airport open during day only

August 27 - 31: Airport open with reduced runway 

September 1: Airport open during day only 

September 2 - 5: Airport closed day and night 

September 6 - 8: Regular service

September 9 - 12: Airport closed day and night 

September 13 - 15: Regular service

September 16 - 19: Airport closed day and night 

September 20 - 22: Regular service 

September 23 - 26: Airport closed day and night 

September 27 - 29: Regular service 

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