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August 25 COVID-19 update

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August 25 update from Vice-Chair Christine Petawabano on JBCCS
August 25, 2021

A COVID-19 outbreak linked to Le Pub Royal in Chibougamau has been reported. Anyone who visited the restaurant between Thursday, August 19 and Saturday, August 21, is advised to go for a COVID test at their CMC.


Public Health has confirmed that 7 residents of Eeyou Istchee have COVID-19. Six are isolating outside of the territory. One person is isolating in their home community and has been doing so since they arrived. Public Health is continuing to investigate.

Of the 7 cases, 5 are linked to an outbreak associated with a large hockey tournament held out of the territory on August 13-15. Close interactions during social activities surrounding the tournament are thought to have played an important role in spreading the virus. 

Early lab results show that all 7 infections are suspected to have been caused by the Delta variant of COVID-19, which is more contagious. Test samples have been sent to another lab for confirmation.  

Individuals with active infections are expected to recover soon. Once recovered they will no longer be contagious to others and can safely resume normal activities. 

This cluster of cases points to the risks that come with travel outside our region, especially for people who are not fully vaccinated.  

The Delta variant is much more contagious than other forms of COVID. It infects more people and spreads faster than other strains of the virus. 

Vaccination is the best protection against severe illness and hospitalization 

If you are not fully vaccinated with two doses, please make an appointment at your CMC as soon as possible.  

The Delta variant is driving the 4th wave of the pandemic. For this reason, last week the Leadership of the Cree Nation declared Montreal and its surrounding regions areas of risk.  

This means that all travellers returning from these regions will be required to self-isolate when they return to their community, whether or not they are vaccinated.

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View the interactive map on

Reminder: Check with your PSO before traveling outside of Eeyou Istchee.

The Cree Nation Government and the Cree Board of Health are closely monitoring our neighbouring areas to assess the risks associated with travel. We are looking for any increase in the number of cases, changes in the regions' ability to manage epidemics, and their ability to conduct contact tracing.

You will be required to show your proof of vaccination when you travel. 

As our Grand Chief said, by reducing non-essential travel outside our Territory, we can benefit from increased freedoms in our communities and in Eeyou Istchee. This is especially important for our children and youth as they start school.  

School Vaccinations

Vaccination for youth aged 12-17 will take place in schools at the beginning of the school year. Children under 12 are not yet eligible for vaccination. This means it is even more important that we do everything we can to protect children from COVID, and help them have a normal school year.  

Staff Shortages 

The Cree Health Board is struggling with a serious shortage of staff, especially nurses. 

If you need medical advice and the situation is not an emergency, you can call 811 anytime, night or day, to get advice from a trained nurse.  

811 is now available everywhere in Eeyou Istchee in English and in French only. 

By calling 811 instead of the nurse on call for a non-urgent situation, you are helping our nurses get the rest they need.  


Info Santé 811

Non-urgent health information available 24/7.

The Cree Health Board asks that anyone who has a medical appointment outside the community to PLEASE go to your appointment. Do not cancel or delay your appointment, as this can have a serious impact on your health. Travel only with your escort to reduce the risk to your family and your community.

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The Delta variant is more contagious and can cause more severe disease.  A person with the Delta variant will infect more people than if they had other variants. The Delta variant may lead to more hospitalizations and complications.

Answers to your questions: Prevention, what to do if you get sick, travel advice, elders, children, mental health, and policy recommendations.

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Fri, May 21 2021

Everyone who is vaccinated can now request electronic proof of vaccination (with a QR code) through a Quebec website by following the instructions on this page. People 18 and older who haven’t been vaccinated yet or still need a 2nd dose can sign up for an appointment on Clic-Santé.

Wiichihiiwaauwin (Mental Health) Helpline

Service available 24/7. Cree speakers and Elders are available upon request

Eeyou Istchee COVID-19 Information

Call 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Leave a voicemail on the weekend. Your call will be returned.  

Or: Inbox @creehealth on Facebook. Leave your name & number. 


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