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Advisory: Medical masks still strongly recommended on CBHSSJB charter flights


Passengers taking CHB charter flights are recommended to wear a medical mask while travelling.


The Cree Board of Health still recommends that passengers taking CHB charter flights wear a medical mask during their travel, including when they’re onboard the plane.

  • The CHB charter is a key medical transportation service for many people with health risks (for example: transplant recipients, people with chronic medical conditions, cancer, etc).
  • This measure will help people with health risks stay safe while travelling from Eeyou Istchee to the South.
  • The recommendation also protects healthcare workers travelling to and from Eeyou Istchee to support CMC and hospital services.

People encouraged to follow masking recommendation


  • Transport Canada no longer requires medical masks be worn on commercial flights, effective since October 1, 2022.
  • Because of this, Air Creebec flight staff will no longer enforce the charter plane masking recommendation.
  • All people travelling on charter flights are encouraged to think of each other and follow the recommendation on their own.
Woman with glasses wearing medical mask
  • Wearing a medical mask that covers the nose and mouth snugly helps protect you and others against airborne transmission (the spread of virus droplets through the air).
  • When medical masks are worn to cover the nose and mouth snugly, they reduce the transmission of virus droplets between people, whether it’s COVID-19, the flu, or common cold.

Masking is an effective layer of protection against airborne transmission when people are indoors together.  

5 Things to Protect Each Other

The Cree Board of Health recommends you wear a mask in certain situations to protect yourself and people around you.



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