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ADVISORY: COVID-19 Info-Line no longer in service in Eeyou Istchee

February 22, 2023

The COVID-19 Info-Line is no longer in service as of February 9, 2023.


The COVID-19 Info-Line is no longer in service as of February 9, 2023. Callers to 1-866-855-2811 will not hear any outgoing message. 

Public Health acknowledges the tremendous work and dedication of the Info-Line team throughout its operation. They answered thousands of questions with attention and care for each caller. 

The COVID-19 Info-Line was an innovative and critical resource for the Cree Health Board’s strategy and response to the pandemic.

It was a way to provide accurate and credible information about travelling, isolation, testing, support and mental health services, and vaccination, during the different phases of the pandemic in Eeyou Istchee.

The COVID-19 Info-Line answered 2,865 calls from August 2021 - September 2022.

The Info-Line evolved over time to meet changing needs. In early 2022, the line was adapted to work through an automated system to better direct calls to the right resources. Since June 2022, the number of calls dropped significantly every month.

The Wîchihîwaûwin Helpline is still available for people who need to talk to someone.

Wiichihiiwaauwin (Mental Health) Helpline

Service available 24/7. Cree speakers and Elders are available upon request 

If you have general questions about health and it’s not an emergency, you can call Info Santé 811.

Info Santé 811

811 is a free and confidential telephone health consultation service available across Eeyou Istchee and Quebec. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A nurse at 811 will answer questions about non-urgent health issues.

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The Wîchihîwâuwin Helpline provides a safe space for people who need to talk on the phone about any difficult situation concerning their well-being

ᓂᔮᓈᓈᐤ ᐹᔨᒄ ᐹᔨᒄ

Call 8-1-1 to talk to a nurse around the clock, seven days a week.

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