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18th case of COVID-19 reported for Eeyou Istchee

December 19, 2020

The Cree Health Board has confirmed an 18th positive case of COVID-19 for Eeyou Istchee (Region 18)


This person is currently outside of Eeyou Istchee. They have not been in Eeyou Istchee in the last 14 days. This person was already in preventive isolation when they tested positive for the virus, because they were previously identified as a close contact of another COVID-19 case (the 17th case in our region). It is highly likely they became infected through that close contact. 

The person is currently asymptomatic. They don’t have any close contacts of their own, given they have been in preventive isolation for a number of days already.

The Public Health Department continues to test regularly for COVID-19 in Eeyou Istchee. That includes screening tests for healthcare workers, patients returning home, students returning home, and other high-risk groups such as Elders’ Home workers. The Public Health Department also continues to do screening tests for clients and escorts at Wiichihiituwin in Montreal.  

COVID-19 Vaccination

Earlier this week, Quebec began vaccinating people in the south with the new Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Several more vaccines are expected to become available soon, including the Moderna vaccine, which has been approved in United States, and is currently under final assessment by Health Canada.  

Both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines have already been tested extensively, and are safe. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 in Eeyou Istchee is strongly recommended, but it will be voluntary, and not mandatory.

We don’t yet know which COVID-19 vaccine will be first available in Eeyou Istchee, or when it will be distributed. As soon as a vaccine becomes available in our region, the Cree Health Board will be ready. 

While the Health Board works to prepare for a COVID-19 vaccination campaign, it is critical that everyone continue to be cautious about travelling, and to do so only for essential reasons. Respect local COVID-19 restrictions and precautionary measures. 

No matter where you are, continue to follow public health recommendations: wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep 2 metres (6 feet) away from others to keep yourself and loved ones safe.

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