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Safe Gathering Guidelines

The COVID-19 virus can spread quickly through our communities

By being cautious and respecting Public Health guidelines, we can avoid large outbreaks.  

Graphic showing virus spreading from one person to five people

Indoor and Outdoor Gatherings In Phase 4  

  • Indoor Gatherings: 50 people
  • Outdoor Gatherings: 150 people

People at indoor and outdoor gatherings should follow precautions like wearing a mask, physical distancing from people who don’t live with them, washing their hands frequently, etc.

The measures described are general. Check with your community for any specific measures in place.

General Measures For Visiting Or Hosting A Gathering

• Make sure that guests wash their hands (at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water) or sanitize them when they come inside.   

• Members of different households should keep physical distance from each other (2 metres/6 feet), even if you are in a bubble.

• If space does not allow for this physical distance, consider reviewing the number of people you want to gather, or look at alternatives.

• For those brief moments when physical distancing is not possible during your visit or gathering, everyone should wear masks that cover the nose and mouth.

• Try to create good ventilation in the space where you gather. Crack open a window or door for air circulation


Remind Guests Of Basic Precautions

• Cough or sneeze in their elbow or a tissue, throw away the tissue, and wash their hands immediately after.

• Keep note the date and time guests enter and leave. This helps contact tracing in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.



Please follow recommendations and precautions, even if you’ve been vaccinated.

The Moderna vaccine provides an extra layer of protection, and works together with other precautionary measures to protect you, your family and community from COVID-19.

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Published on
Sat, Jan 9 2021

Learn about the new phases of the pandemic. The measures described in each phase are general. Check with your community for specific measures.


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