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Reconfinement: Medical Services

Phase 1: Red

Phase 1

Urgent services only*

  • Medication by delivery only
  • Enhanced psychosocial support, including additional crisis supports
  • * including life threatening, critical, and essential services that cannot wait
Phase 2: Orange

Phase 2

Time sensitive health services maintained

  • Elective follow-ups spread further apart in time and reduced in-person medical services
  • Additional services by telemedicine
  • Enhanced psychosocial support
Phase 3: Yellow

Phase 3

Full health services in region with modifications for universal precautions

  • Somewhat reduced elective services in local CMCs
  • Reduced elective travel for services outside of the region, and especially to areas of risk
  • Telemedicine when possible
  • Enhanced psychosocial support
Phase 4: Green

Phase 4

Full health services with some modifications to minimize physical contact

  • Telemedicine when possible
  • Reduced travel to areas of risk via modified services/selection of referral site
  • Enhanced psychosocial support

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