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What is Wiichihiituwin (CPS) doing at Espresso Hotel to protect clients from COVID-19?

Wiichihiituwin (CPS) enforces certain policies and procedures to keep you safe from COVID-19 during your stay at Espresso Hotel in Montreal. 

Why are there limits on the number of people who can escort me and visit me at Espresso?

Having unauthorized people travelling and visiting you puts everyone in the hotel at further risk, especially rooms with more people or undisclosed roommates. 

Please do not bring family members with you. It makes contact tracing more difficult. 

If you decide to come with more people than you are authorized for, they will not be covered by Wiichihiituwin. This means that they will have to assume their own lodging, meals and any other expenses incurred. 


Please do not let visitors, including relatives, into your room

Why is there a log book at Espresso?

The log book is for the security of clients and escorts, and the security of your communities when you return home. The log book helps with contact tracing if ever there is a positive case of COVID-19 linked to Espresso Hotel. 


Red - Area of Risk

Did you know?

Montreal is now considered a zone of high risk. Do not bring family members with you.


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