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How to protect your health from the effects of smoke

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  • Listen carefully to public notices and warnings about the presence of smoke or the air quality.
  • Avoid outdoor activities when the air quality index is poor.
  • Close the windows and doors of your home, along with the air exchange system, when there is smoke outdoors.
  • Breathe into a damp cloth when in the presence of thick smoke, and be sure to keep the cloth in front of your mouth and nose in order to avoid inhaling smoke.


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Did you know?

Smoke is more likely to bother the following individuals:

  • young children
  • the elderly
  • individuals with respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis, home-assisted ventilation, restricted breathing capacity, emphysema, etc.)
  • individuals with heart problems

If, despite all the precautions taken, you do not feel well, call 811.

To protect your pet from the detrimental effects of smoke, do not let your pet go outside.


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