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Occupational Therapy (O.T.): How can it help you and your child?

Occupational Therapy (O.T.) offers services to babies, infants, children and teenagers that improve their ability to:

  • Take part in activities they like at home and in the community
  • Participate in daycare, school and home routines

Working with parents, teachers and educators, the O.T. can help to improve the child’s ability to learn skills and take part in age-appropriate tasks and activities.

The O.T. works from the MSDC, local clinic, school, daycare or home setting. With the parents’ consent, the O.T. collaborates with the rehabilitation assistant, special needs educator, physiotherapist or any other professional to meet the child’s needs.


4 ways your child can benefit from O.T. support

Child holding a dandelion

1. Mobility

Sitting, holding objects during play, getting on the bus, using a wheelchair, making the environment accessible, etc.

Child painting with watercolours

2. Daycare and School

Using small objects, drawing, coloring and writing, using scissors, etc.

Girl feeding herself a blueberry

3. Self Care

Putting on clothes, using the toilet, brushing teeth, feeding themselves, holding utensils, etc.

Child's hands on monkey bars

4. Play

Riding a bike, sliding, snowshoeing, picking blueberries, being out on the land with family, using playground equipment, engaging with friends, etc.

What can the O.T. do?

Did you know?

In collaboration with parents, the O.T:

  • Assesses the child’s strengths and challenges.
  • Offers treatment and recommendations based on the family’s priorities and the interests of the child.
  • Assists the child in engaging in daily life, by:
    • Coaching and practicing skills in valued activities;
    • Bridging the gap between the child’s sensory needs, environment and routines;
    • Recommending equipment, assistive devices and adaptations;
    • and much more...

How to access O.T. services?

If you have concerns about your child, speak with a nurse or doctor at your local clinic. They can make a referral to the O.T.

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Occupational therapy helps people to improve their ability to perform normal activities.

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