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Harm Reduction Holiday Tips

The holiday season can be a time of celebration and stress. There is a rise of alcohol and drug consumption during the period. This happens for different reasons:

  • Sometimes alcohol and/or drugs are used when gathering to celebrate with family and friends.
  • People also use substances as a coping mechanism to escape or numb the hardships they experience at this time of the year. For many people, the holidays are a difficult time, because of financial stressors, grief, trauma, or other personal issues.

Harm Reduction is an approach that focuses on reducing and minimizing the impact of consuming drugs and/or alcohol.


  • Plan ahead if you or someone close to you decides to consume substances.
  • Planning ahead can keep you, your family and friends safe during holiday gatherings.

An overdose means a person has too much of a substance in their body.


The Wîchihîwâuwin Helpline provides a safe space for people who need to talk on the phone about any difficult situation concerning their well-being

ᒥᓯᐙ ᓈᑭᑎᐙᔨᒦᓲᒄ

It is important to look after yourself. Self-care is part of staying balanced and healthy, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

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