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COVID-19 proof of vaccination in Eeyou Istchee - Updated

21 mai 2021

Everyone who is vaccinated can now request electronic proof of vaccination (with a QR code) through a Quebec website by following the instructions on this page. People 18 and older who haven’t been vaccinated yet or still need a 2nd dose can sign up for an appointment on Clic-Santé.


It is now possible to request electronic proof of Covid-19 vaccination (with QR code/barcode) whether or not you signed up for a vaccine appointment through Clic-Santé.

The Quebec government has launched a self-service portal for people to ask for and receive provincial proof of COVID-19 vaccination (with QR code/barcode). Website link: Full instructions are further below.

Please note: Vaccination by appointment through Clic-Santé is still available in all of Eeyou Istchee's communities. Remember, if you do register for your appointment via Clic-Santé, you will get your Quebec vaccination proof with a QR code (barcode) directly without having to request it.

Clic-Santé LINK:

Instructions for Requesting Electronic Proof of Vaccination

*Please read through first, as you will need to have some information on hand to make your request*

1. Visit the Quebec "Electronic Proof of Vaccination" website

Website link:

2. Fill out all the fields that have a red asterisk (star)  

  • If you have a RAMQ health card, make sure to input your card number without any spaces between the letters and digits.
  • If you don't have a RAMQ card, make sure to tick the box that says "I confirm that I do not have a Quebec health insurance number". 

3. Confirm the date and commercial name of the vaccine you received

  • The date and commercial name of your first dose of vaccine is on the paper proof of vaccination you received at the clinic.
  • If you don't have that information, call the CMC to confirm the date of your vaccination, and which vaccine you received. 

4. Click submit

After clicking "Submit" you will be taken to a webpage called Electronic Proof of Vaccination. Click on the button that says "Download your proof of vaccination". 


If you are not directed to the page to download your electronic proof of vaccination, please email the Cree Health Board at for assistance.

Make sure to include the names of your parents (first name and last name), if applicable. Someone at Public Health will follow up on your request for assistance.

If you are unable to obtain a proof of vaccination with QR code at this time, other forms are still valid as proof of vaccination for local Mandatory Self-Isolation Laws, including:

  • The hand-written Cree Health Board attestation of vaccination
  • The printed vaccination proof without QR code 

If you haven’t been able to obtain a printed or handwritten Covid-19 vaccination attestation, or, if you have already received both doses and don’t have proof of your vaccination, you can also fill out the following access request form (available to download through these links): 

Access to information on vaccines request - Quebec Vaccination Registry form: 



Your CMC may have print copies of this form available to community members who don’t have access to a printer and scanner.  

When you fill out the form, please make sure to include a valid email address where you can receive this form of proof of vaccination. If you don’t have an email address, use your home address, and your proof of vaccination will be mailed to you. If you choose to use your home address, please note that your request will take longer to process. 

Once you’ve filled out the form, please follow these steps: 

  1. Scan the form, or take a photo of it (jpg). 
  2. Scan or take a photo of valid ID: Your RAMQ card (medical card), or birth certificate, JBNQA card, or driver’s license.  

Email the Vaccination Information Request Form and a copy of valid ID to: 

If you are a resident of Eeyou Istchee, please write the Name of Your Community, Your First and Last Name in the subject line.

If you are a CBHSSJB employee: In the subject line, please write: CHB Employee, Your First and Last Name. 


The Cree Health Board will not keep any records of vaccination proof and will delete any related emails as soon as the vaccination proof is sent to individuals who request it.  

The Cree Health Board only allows access to the inbox to small CBHSSJB staff team who have signed a confidentiality agreement. 

 For more information on Quebec’s procedure to obtain your vaccination profile, visit this site:… 


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