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Land-based Vision Quest Healing Retreat for Adults (KAW)





KAW (Inland from Whapmagoostui)

The retreat is organized by Niishiyuu Department. It is for:

  • Anyone over 18 yrs.  
  • Seeking guidance/answers   
  • Healing  

The retreat will be conducted by Jimmy and Vera George, Healers & Traditional Knowledge Keepers.

The plane will leave from Chisasibi to Whapmagoostui on October 23. The plane will return back from Whapmagoostui to Chisasibi on October 30.  

Participants are expected to bring the following: 

  • Small tent (when you fast)  
  • Bedding (small foam mattress, sleeping bag, Sheets and pillow)  
  • Toiletry (shampoo, body wash, feminine pads…)  
  • Traditional food for the feast  

Any one of the following: 

  1. Goose  
  2. A bag of caribou or moose meat  
  3. Fish  
  4. Berries
  • Extra clothing (warm boots, warm coat, moccasins, gloves, … )  
  • Any prescribed medications  
  • Skirts (to wear for the ceremonies -for women) 
  • Ribbon shirts and shorts for men  
  • Towels for the sweat ceremonies  
  • Offerings for the fasting and sweat ceremonies (cloth and tobacco…) 

Anyone who wishes to participate in this upcoming traditional ceremony will have to call the Nishiiyuu Department and ask for the following people:  

Ruby Louttit  
819-855-2744 ext. 22046 

Pauline Masty House  
819-929-3307 ext. 21206 

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